Dr. Jason Leong

Comedian Jason Leong has a unique backstory as he is a doctor turned stand-up comic. His humor stems from his observing Malaysian society and its many quirks. Below are some snippets from his stand-out shows that display his standout comedy routines, ranging from mildly “insensitive” to explicit.

Jason Leong only recently exploded on the global comedy scene in the past few years after winning the 7th Annual International Hong Kong Comedy Festival. He then became the first Malaysian to perform a full professional set at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, USA, and Gotham Comedy Club in New York. This allowed him to not only gain more relevancy in Malaysia but on foreign shores as well.

Jason performs at some of the very best comedy clubs in New York City. He can be found performing at New York Comedy Club, The Stand NYC,

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Jason Leong Upcoming NYC Schedule for Comedy Clubs

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