Edwin San Juan comedy

Edwin San Juan, one of the “original” Los Angeles based comedians, is well received from multicultural audiences of all ages, both internationally and at home.

He has entertained our troops with the ‘Around the World in Eight Days’ USo campaign and has appeared on multiple Showtime Comedy Specials, such as ‘Edwin San Juan Presents, Pacific Rim Comedy’. Where he serves as creator and executive producer, showcasing some of the funniest Asian comedians out today! He also had over a million hits on youtube, making it one of the most requested clips amongst comedy fans around the world!

Edwin has made several television appearances on multiple networks such as Comedy Central, ABC, UPN, NBC, BET, and Si TV. His appearances include ‘Live at Gotham’, ‘Latino Laugh Festival’, ‘Inside Joke’, ‘Destination Stardom’, and he reigned as the Grand Champion of the ‘Talent Agency’ with 9 consecutive victories.

Be on the look out for this rising star’s, soon to be released, one hour special and his first movie venture, the hilarious comedy ‘I`m Not Like That No More’, co-starring Paul Rodriguez and Felipe Esparza.Twittersmall Facebooksmall