Elle Orlando

My name is Elle Orlando. I’m originally from Florida but raised in the suburbia land of Chicago so I’m like a fun mix of trash and apologizing for being trash. I would consider myself a blue comedian and have a dark but also silly sense of humor. I love cats and Taylor Swift !!! I’ll fight anyone about it!!! Jk I’ll run away while scream-singing “Forever & Always”

Most common Quarantine activity:


Favorite quarantine show/movies:

I may destroy you

Maine Cabin Masters

Nate Bargatze’s Netflix special


Fav Ig Accounts:




(These will only be meme accounts nothing else matters on Instagram)

Fav quarantine meal/drink:

Lemon pasta and Coca-Cola

The most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently:

Starting March 10th, people in Texas don’t have to wear masks anymore… RIP Texas

First thing you do when isolation is over…

Molly for 1 week

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