Eric Schwartz comedy

Eric Schwartz‘s passion for entertaining started early, and his first audience was his parents. As Eric grew up in Thousand Oaks, CA, the brave couple sat through hours of kid-­produced variety shows in which he and his siblings would sing, rap, break dance and break lamps. Video footage exists and is still used as blackmail.At age 14, they reluctantly let him spend all his Bar Mitzvah money on DJ gear. He began spinning at parties all over, which made him look pretty cool to his peers until they realized Eric’s parents were waiting in the car outside to drive him home.But little did Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz know, they were fueling a bright future.

Today, Eric Schwartz aka Smooth-­E electrifies audiences worldwide with his blend of stand-­up, music and video. Behind his geeky facade lies a multi-dimensional showman, actor, producer, director and writer whose creations have been seen on “The Tonight Show,” ShowtimeE!BETThe CWTMZG4 and more. Audiences worldwide follow Smooth-­E’s mantra to “Surrender to the Blender.”

Eric is one of the Internet’s hottest stars. YouTube selected him as one of its NextUp Creators in 2013 and to produce content for their first-­ever Comedy Week. He has created for DisneyYahoo and top YouTube channels like MachinimaMaker and MiTu Network. “E! News Daily” host Ryan Seacrest says he is “rocking the web” with “video that’s got everyone Googling,” while applauds him for having “a minor industry in pop music parodies.”

Eric’s parents still come to his shows, but now he drives them.Twittersmall