Frankie Rollo

What made you get into comedy?

A lot of factors made me want to get into comedy. When I was in first grade I started to get really bad migraines to the point of throwing up in school so with my parents at work my grandmother would pick me up. She used to put on Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls and I would be throwing up and laughing at the same time, ever since I wanted to be Jim Carrey. I always had it in the back of my mind but was kind of afraid to admit to people that’s what I wanted to do and I was always the class clown but my high school baseball coach senior year said to me “once you graduate you have to pursue comedy and entertainment because I need a daily dose of you”.

So much happens in your life, what actually makes you write a joke that you want to say?

Taking from real life I feel like is always the funniest where someone else can relate. If something happens to me and then I tell my friends or whoever and they laugh or they can relate to it then ill really try it out on stage. But really it starts with if I think it’s funny because there must be a reason why I do in the first place.

What’s your funniest drunk story that all your friends would bring up?

Oh man, there are actually so many. Since it is still football season I’ll tell one about that. So you know I have season Jets tickets with three of my friends (don’t know how I still ended up paying for this season but whatever) and we would tailgate hard in the parking lot before going in. One time I left the seats to go get a pretzel during the game and I was gone for two quarters. My friends called my phone and were like “ Frankie where are you?” and I go “I’m in the seats.” They look over a couple of sections and see me in the exact seats but a couple of sections over with a bunch of mustard on my jersey and slowly eating the pretzel.

What do you not like most about comedy in general?

I think I don’t like the fact that I can be doing really good and making friends but only my close friends really think about me for shows. I’m friendly and nice and when comics think they are better than you for no reason and won’t even talk to you in the green room or bar area.

You’re basically an expert in improv. What do you like more improv or stand up?

Haha, thanks but I’m no expert. I came to really love the aspect of working off others on stage and being really physical with improv but I don’t think anything beats the high of a killer set doing stand-up.

How do you leave your mark?

You already know, shooting back a Jim Beam airplane bottle saying,“ let me leave my mark…”.

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