Gina Hyena

I currently reside in Manhattan in NYC – I love the grittiness of the city and spent most of my twenties here. I absolutely adore the east coast mentality – which is quickly noticeable in my comedy. I grew up Italian and spent some very interesting years in the city which has implored me to not use my last name on stage.

Growing up I always did well in school and was pushed towards a career in medicine. I spent most of my younger years on a hamster wheel – trying to figure out where I fit in the medical community. I worked full time, then spent most of my money on grad courses – which took up my nights and weekends. I always found that connecting with people and making them laugh in the most difficult days was the most fulfilling part of working in medical offices and hospitals.

I moved to Texas for a change and to truly live life for myself. I am eternally curious, always eager to learn, but mostly – I am a goof that loves to see people having a good time. I started standup in Austin, Texas. I tell people Texas is truly where I met myself. I brought my NYC Italian attitude with me and my comedy was quickly described as sassy, cutting, and smart.

Circumstances in 2020 led me to lose my job in Texas and now I am back in NYC exploring the comedy scene around my northeast counterparts. The city is comforting but I describe Austin, TX as my home that I am trying to return to! All financial support and gig payments go towards saving to get back home to Texas and get my comedy career to full time!

My comedy is inspired by the wild events that I seem to draw to me on a frequent basis, my outlook has been shaped by many tough and unfortunate circumstances which have shaped me into a little too tough and confident for any mans good. (good luck boys)

My experiences in medicine, working in some gritty NYC situations, and curious mind (curiosities include neuroscience, existentialism, and animal behavior) have given me a unique lens of the world and I look forward to sharing my strange thoughts with you!

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