Irv Hernandez


Irv Hernandez is an ex-artist turned comedian that went from putting his darker takes on life onto canvases to now transitioning it to comedy. When he’s not out doing funny street interviews, you can catch him all over jersey city doing comedy in alleys, parks, luxury buildings, basements, and dive bars.

Most common Quarantine activity:

trolling people on FB groups so hard, detectives came knocking on my door.

smart? no. but I still laugh to this day.

Favorite quarantine show/movies:

Nathan for you and Ali g show.

Fav Ig Accounts:





Fav quarantine meal/drink:

chicken parm sandwich, I know who I am.

The most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard?

how we find thousands of hair on the head attractive.. but the second one falls off. it’s gross.

First thing you do when isolation is over…

Do more man-on-the-street interviews.

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