Janeane Garofalo

There are few entertainment mediums where you won’t find Janeane Garofalo present, even in a guest appearance or two.

Ranging from radio to television and everything in-between, Janeane has made an indelible mark on America’s collective consciousness.

With a comedy career that took flight in 1992, Janeane Garofalo decided to do more than just make Americans laugh; she’s forced us to think.

Playing a strong role in the launch of the liberal radio network “Air America”, she hosted The Majority Report and challenged views on nearly every corner of the political spectrum.

While tackling serious issues, she hasn’t lost sight of what endears her to audiences worldwide and that’s the comedy. Working alongside Ben Stiller, she co-starred in The Cable Guy and the Emmy Award-winning Ben Stiller Show.

Fans of network television may recognize her from her frequent appearances on 24. She also won an Emmy and two Cable Ace awards in 1997 for her role on The Larry Sanders Show.

As a child, Janeane Garofalo grew up watching Saturday Night Live with her parents. When she was offered a position as a member of the cast on SNL’s 1994-1995 season, she leaped at the opportunity.

While in the end, she felt marginalized and under-utilized, she was able to use the show as a springboard into a variety of other opportunities.

For the last season of NBC’s hit show The West Wing, Janeane guest-starred as a Democratic strategist (something she could relate to with her real-life political leanings and activism). HBO sponsored and distributed two specials with her comedic take on life’s questions (large and small) front and center.

Today loyal fans can find her as a fixture of the New York comedy circuit.

She makes frequent appearances at the New York Comedy Club Midtown & East Village, EastVille Comedy Club. Buy Janeane Garofalo NYC Comedy Club Tickets here.

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