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Janelle James is a Caribbean born comic who started doing standup in the midwest. Moving to the midwest was such a jarring experience that Janelle, already a person prone to melodramatic mood swings quickly fell down a hole into deep depression. A chance conversation with a neighbor about a local open mic led to Janelle trying to reap the benefits of talk therapy without the bills (or therapist) and trying her hand at stand up comedy. Janelle’s stand up is a mix of raunch, family life and morbid thoughts about depression and aging. She has featured all over the midwest and NYC in such places as Laugh Factory Chicago, Gotham, Helium and Carolines Comedy Clubs. Now living in New York City, Janelle has traveled extensively as the feature act with veteran comics and has performed at the Bridgetown, Limestone and The Eugene Mirman comedy festivals. When not performing, Janelle can be found tweeting the boredom away.


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