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Jay Alexander comedy

Hilarious, over the top comedy would best describe Jay Alexander!  Detroit’s own born and raised Jay Alexander has only been working the comedy circuit a few short years but has the ability to step into any arena or situation and come out on top like a wily comedy veteran.  He’s able to adapt to any given situation and that’s what makes Jay so special.The drive to success can lead you down many paths and sometimes you might run out of gas along the way but the experiences and relationships you pick up along the way are more than worth it. “This All I Do, This All I’m Good At, This All I Know” is a now popular quote you might hear from J while on stage from time to time and that’s exactly how he approaches his comedy. Though we all know his talents reach way further than what he says this helps him stay focused in his quest to greatness. Jay has shared the stage with Bruce Bruce, Mike Bonner, George Wilborn just to name a few and he has been greatly praised by them all.Jay’s television appearances include “Comcast On Demand” and many more to come.  Jay has had several comedy rooms giving new and up and coming comedians the same opportunities that were presented to him as he grew into what he is today.Everytime Jay hits the stage it’s an amazing experience and you never know what you’ll hear but it’s good wholesome comedy and his style will warm the hearts of people for years to come! “This All I Do, This All I’m Good At, This All I Know!!!”Twittersmall Facebooksmall

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