Jenae Boston


Jenae is a New York based stand up comedian, actress, writer and producer. She played around with stand up at the age of 14 at a talent show in her after school program, but didn’t realize her true talent until 2018. Jenae’s innate humor often got her booked as voice over talent for new business pitches at Publicis North America, the global advertising agency she works at during the day. This inspired her to take her talents to the big stage. Her raw and relatable storytelling helped her propel in her comedy career, and work with notable comedy veterans and perform on legendary stages throughout the Tri-State area such as the Grisly Pear Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, Comic Strip Live, Caroline’s on Broadway, The Stand and Bob Sumner’s, co-founder of Def Jam Comedy, monthly show in South Jersey.

In 2018, eager to infuse her two worlds Jenae began producing a quarterly comedy show at Publics North America that has become a staple in the company’s cultural events. In 2019, Jenae launched Color Coated Comedy, in efforts to provide a platform and elevate brands for comedians of color. She was recently scouted for MTV’s reboot of “Singled Out” which is scheduled to launch spring 2020.

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