Joe Currie

Joe Currie was like any other twelve-year kid growing up on Long Island, till one day my buddy played me his Brother’s George Carlin and Cheech and Chong albums and that set the wheels in motion.

My first gig was making the girls laugh in Elementary school doing Richard Nixon imitations from there the act has evolved( thank god because imitations are kind of hacky).but the thrill I got from that was like no other.

From then on I did several gigs at the campfire when I was in the Boy scouts and a few Youth Development league shows to boot but I had no partners in crime to be a moron with.

That changed in my sophomore year in high school when my buddy Joe told me to hang out with his brother who just came in from California, his name was Anthony Cumia of Opie and Anthony fame, still one of my close friends till this day we both live to make each other laugh our asses off.

Joe Currie
During this period in time, I picked up my nickname”Plankfoot” when I was stomping my size thirteen Herman survivor boot in my buddies garage to the Marshall Tucker Band and my buddy Alex stopped everyone and pointed out that dust was flying out from under my foot, like a plank being dropped. Thirty-five years on and the name still sticks if you ever hear Foot mentioned on O & A that would be you know who. Meanwhile, Anthony and I thought that nobody could share our bond of stupidity, then one day a co-worker told me his buddy was starting work with us the next day. That following day this guy had me in stitches, we wrote eight bits and we got absolutely no work done, when I saw Anthony that night I told him he had to meet this new guy at work, Adam Ferrara. The three of us knew what we wanted to do but no clue how to do it, then one day in nineteen eighty-eight Adam went to the East Side Comedy Club and got a date at an open mike night and never looked back.

A little while later in nineteen eighty-nine, I followed suit at Governor’s Comedy Club, my set (which was first-time god awful) consisted of me making fun of my ex-girlfriend that I just broke up with. By sheer coincidence, she happened to be there on a first date with her new boyfriend having no clue I was there, or performing which added to the magic of the night.

In nineteen ninety-two the wheels ground to a halt. I to had put comedy aside to concentrate on a record deal with my band Rotgut, I then lost my mentor and my hero, after retiring for less than two months my Mom past away suddenly. The next five years we pushed the band, Anthony hooked up with Greg Opie Hughes to start one of the greatest shows on radio, The Opie and Anthony show. In January nineteen ninety-seven I started the comedy machine back up again and never looked back. I have made a lot of great friends, met a lot of great people and have played clubs from New York to Canada. As for the present, I am honored to be a partner in crime with Davin and the lovely Pip Helix on the Davin’s Den Radio show My two other labors of love are my bands, Rotgut, Race Odyssey, and Mr. Potato head, and my screen play “The Weight of the World” with my partner Camille Halpin. In addition, if I decide to forgo sleep I will be working on my movie project The Trailer Queen Diaries as well.

Well, folks, you have just read my past and present, I hope you will join me along for the ride as I write my future.

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