Being told he is too good looking to be a comedian, Joe Masse encourages you to discover his ugly side. Menacing against the unjust facts of life, Joe has been pushing the envelope in packed houses in New York City since 2008.

Originally from New England, Joe moved to New York to seek a college education and held a part time job as a waiter throughout school at a comedy club. After being fired over a fork, Joe decided to fire back with quick witted jokes and a limitless amount of potential.

Dubbed “The next great nighttime host” by New York Post writer, Marty Wombacher, Joe Masse is becoming known for having zero boundaries; uncovering the truths in society and within himself. With Joe’s natural ability to find the funny along with his charming and disarming wit, he is quickly becoming one to be reckoned with.

Joe currently has a reoccurring show at the world famous Caroline’s On Broadway called The Degenerates. He also opens for notable comics throughout the city.

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