John Kuperman comedy

John H. Kuperman’s childhood was just like any other.  He was picked on by everyone in his family.  His sister, Lisa, was especially mean to him.  She kept telling him he was adopted and found in a trash bin behind Vons.  “It was really hard for me to go a supermarket as a kid.  It’s still difficult.  I can’t be around any kind of trash can without having a Vietnam like flashback.  Trash is hell.”

When John H. Kuperman was a young boy, his parents used to argue and scream at each other constantly.  His sister told him they fought over how much they hated him.  “I’ve learned yelling gets you everywhere.  If there was one message I had to give to the youth of America, it would be yell at your parents.  You’ll usually get what you want and pizza!”

John H. Kuperman grew up in the ghetto part of Woodland Hills, California. As a child, John grew up on the streets – but only until 4pm.  Then he had to come home or he would be grounded.  He had to deal with everything from middle class bullies, to slightly better than middle class bullies.  “It was tough. It was like making sausage out of lemonade.  They beat me to a pulp and threw me into a trash can.  Why does everything in my life keep coming back to trash cans?  Circle of life, I suppose.  Life is a miracle.”

John H. Kuperman said he learned to deal with adversity at a very young age. “I did?  Well, I never learned how to skateboard.  The only thing I remember being good at was carrying around a dish towel, watching reruns of ‘Three’s Company‘ and emulating Rerun’s dance on ‘What’s Happening!  Hey-Hey-Hey!”

John H. Kuperman has a peculiar taste in music.  Some of his favorite artists include The Monkees, George Michael, Elvis Costello, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beck, Barry Manilow, and Nirvana. Kuperman believes The Monkees are underrated and underappreciated. “The Monkees should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame already.  No question!  But they’re not!  Perhaps if Davy Jones went on a violent cocaine bender and killed the other Monkees violently with his tambourine and maracas, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.  The Monkees would have looked like musical geniuses and be in the Hall of Fame.  Instead, most people think they blow.  Thanks for nothing, Davy!”

John H. Kuperman has been doing stand-up comedy since 2008.  He also had improv training at IO West and belonged to many improv troupes including Super Clock.  Kuperman would have started stand-up earlier, but his slight stutter kept holding him back.  “Yeah, stuttering is difficult.  Fluency is hard.  Lisping is easy.”

John H. Kuperman also plays the guitar and backgammon.Twittersmall