Jim Breuer, Susie Essman, Godfrey, Donnell Rawlings, are just a few headliners comedian/writer Joseph Vecsey has opened for in just four short years.  Joseph has also had success with acting and co-producing the sketch “Sneaker Heads” with Guy Code’s Andrew Schulz and Charlamagne The God that has gotten over seven hundred thousand hits on the internet. Joseph has also written and acted in other sketches that have gained attention by getting tweeted out by Chris Rock and 40 Year Old Virgin Star Romany Malco. Joseph also contributes to Slam Magazine by doing articles with the legendary comedian Colin Quinn and super star radio personality Charlamagne The God. Besides his comedy and writing skills, Joseph still holds a passion for basketball.  He has toured with And1 Mixtape players and was even invited to play basketball with Adam Sandler and Happy Madison Crew on the film “Grown Ups 2.”  What’s even more engaging is that Joseph hosts his own podcast “The Call Back” that combines his journalistic background with comedy by asking some of the world’s most successful comedians such as Chris Rock, Aziz Anzari, Garry Shandling, Tom Green, and many others insightful questions. Former Saturday Night Live cast member Dean Edwards says, “Vecsey is a class act and funny cat that has no problem removing his shoes when entering your home.”

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