Josh Knight

Josh Knight is a stand up comedian, and writer. Josh began performing stand-up comedy after seeing a friend perform at a comedy club. It was this moment that would inspire Josh to begin his pursuit into the comedy world. Josh started by researching joke writing, and the science behind laughter. After much trial and error, Josh finally felt his material was performance ready.  Josh performed his first comedy routine at the age of 19, where he found success leaving the room in laughter. This would encourage Josh to continue performing at venues all over the Albany area including open mics at the Hudson River Café, Lark Tavern, and Comedy Works comedy club. Josh competed within the “Make Me Laugh Albany NY 2014” and finished as one of the top 25 comedians within the Albany area.

When Josh isn’t performing stand up, he is heavily active on social media. Josh has managed to garner a large twitter following of loyal fans due to the surreal nature of his jokes. Josh also frequents Reddit where he participates within the “Standupshots” subreddit, posting many of his own stand up shots. In addition to stand up; Josh is a contributor for the website Absrdcomedy and has created his own web-series known as #TheKnightShift, where his comedic writing is further illuminated through a visual medium. Additionally to comedy, Josh is a hip-hop artist under the alias “SouLow”.

Josh is currently a junior in college and has plans of moving to New York City to further spread his name throughout the comedy sphere. Josh aspires to work as a TV writer; he is currently working on an original spec script. Josh has appeared as a featured guest on several podcasts, and hopes to one day appear on WTF with Marc Maron. Josh continues to improve his craft so that he may one day make his dream of a career in comedy a reality.Josh Knight Twitter

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