Josh Spear

Josh Spear is very funny! His voice and perspective are distinct. One of the most natural conversational comics you’ll ever come across. He is a clear and concise speaker in the area of cultural and private matters including his knowledge of urban, nightlife, pop-culture, suburban, college-life and street-life. His self -made style and appearance make it obvious you’re getting a show before the jokes even start. He can whisper a joke or actually live- it- out on stage to pop the room wide open. The gamble he took in life is what gives truth and power to the topics shared on stage. His early NYC appearances include sketches on the “Chris Rock” and the “Conan O’Brien” shows. He then left the USA and spent three years in Australia doing comedy including a tour of Asia and Australia. Josh appeared on Australian television doing stand-up on Fox’s “The Joint”, Comedy Channels “Headliners” and writing and performing in “Sony” and “Liquor Land” ads for the NBC music video show “Ground Zero”. This dynamic performer returned to the USA, performing on Concerts such as “Bamboozle” and “Wing stock” and writing and appearing on the Bamboozle TV website. He was the creator and producer of Documentary on MySpace, it received hundreds of thousands of views and included a tour of all the Improv’s in the US. Other internet appearances include Anthony Andersons Mixed tape Comedy Show, Si-TV, and Comedy net. Josh has also appeared Bravo channel’s “Scarier Movie Moments Two“ and NBC’s “Last Comic Standing”. His most recent appearances include the CBS “Early Show” and NBC’s “Today Show”, the Oprah network’s “Around the world with Zach” and TLC’s “The Little Couple”. Discover something great and see Josh Spear perform his unique hybrid of comedy that makes this performer “the one you don’t want to miss! He performs throughout NYC Comedy Clubs such as Comic Strip Live, Dangerfield’s Comedy Club and Greenwich and more. Check out Josh Spear website

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