Judah Friedlander

If you want to see a comedian perform who constantly updates his content, includes the audience in his routine, and has enough experience to land nearly every joke while still pushing the boundaries, Judah Friedlander is your man! Performing in more than 30 movies and countless network television appearances, Judah has that quirky style that lets you immediately recognize him, as you should. Judah Friedlander is the World Champ!

Most remember Judah from his role on NBC’s 30 Rock as the rough-around-the-edges, comic writer Frank Rossitano. On the silver screen, he gained another set of adoring fans for his role as Toby Radloff in American Splendor; winning a nomination for “Best Supporting Actor” at the 2004 Independent Spirit Awards.

Born on March 16, 1969, in Gaithersburg, Maryland, Judah Friedlander performed standup comedy for the first time as a student at New York University (NYU). He was 19 years old, but that first bold step has led to a lifetime of acting performing stand-up comedy.

Because of his start in New York City, Judah has always considered performing his stand-up routines at comedy clubs in NYC his first, true love. In fact, while keeping up with his role on 30 Rock, he would break away from the studio and perform improv at a variety of NYC comedy clubs.

One of Judah’s favorite comedic themes is proclaiming his title as “World Champion”. He’ll make sure everyone is fully aware of his title verbally during his performances, and for those who are hearing impaired, he has it written on his shirt and a variety of trucker hats that make up his stand-up ensemble.

Judah Friedlander has wowed audiences for years. To get a small taste of what Judah is all about, you have to see him live, in person! There’s no better place to see Judah perform than at a comedy club in NYC. Some of his favorite NYC comedy clubs include The Comedy Cellar, The Stand NYC, Comic Strip Live, Stand Up NY, and The New York Comedy Club.

Of course, with so many upcoming performances, many of which aren’t announced more than a few hours ahead of time, be sure to check out BCT’s NYC Comedy Schedule, updated daily with Judah Friedlander’s upcoming NYC performances!

Judah Friedlander, Upcoming NYC Comedy Club Show Schedules

St. Marks Comedy Club

St. Marks Comedy Club

Alex Carabano, Erik Angel, Judah Friedlander, Kitty Reynolds, Macy Kwok, Neko White, Robert ...
Tuesday, Dec 05 
9:00 PM
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