Justin Ramos

Justin Ramos was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. At the age of 5 Justin realized that he was destined to be a comedian after seeing ‘Hear No Evil See No Evil’ and episodes of ‘In Living Color”. When he realized he could make people laugh he made it his life’s mission. Over the years he has done his fair share of pranks. Mimicking teachers, coaches, principals, family and friends. He was always known for his sense of humor and imitation/ impersonations. His biggest inspirations are Richard Pryor, Jim Carrey, Eddie Murphy, Bernie Mac, Dave Chappelle, Chris Tucker, George Carlin, Paul Mooney, Robin Williams and Chris Rock. Now he is performing at several clubs in NYC and is looking to build a fan base.┬áJustin hosts a monthly comedy show at Broadway Comedy Club and Greenwich Village Comedy Club. He has appeared on Brooklyn’s BRIC TV and Harlem’s MNN. Justin is on social media his Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube are “JustinTheComic” and his Instagram is “ComedianJustinRamos”. For bookings email JustinTheComic@icloud.com

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