K Jay


Ace comic K Jay the Comedian, aka, Kelechi Jaavaid could walk into an empty room and have a good time jump off. The seasoned veteran owns a singular, laid back style that turns a stand-up stage into his living room, the audience into his guests and the evening into a funfest of topical humor.

His sketches are witty depictions of everyday life via wry, bone-dry scenarios. Having notched over 50 million views with Freakout videos. His stock and trade are quintessential cool and common sense, finding humor in everyday life. He can be wildly crazy like a kid having fun.

Television appearances include Divorce Court, The Bill Cunningham Show, The Morning Show on NBC affiliate KARE-11 and Focus Five on ABC affiliate KSTP. He’s opened for such hot headliners as Tom Green, Tony Woods, Lewis Black, Lavell Crawford and Honest John and reflects, “It’s a pleasure to work with talented comedians, soaking up the game.

I’m grateful for those experiences.” He adds, “My skill set is versatile. I’m a storyteller and traditional comedian, but with my own style.” I observe life and give it my own comical twist, subject to job interviews and friendly conversations with the police. My niece’s wedding serving cereal at the wedding reception. Yeah, life can write a lot of material for you.

K Jay Upcoming NYC Schedule for Comedy Clubs

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