Katie Boyle


Katie Boyle is a comedian from Ireland living in NYC. She is the co-host of The Shift podcast with Des Bishop. She opens for Des Bishop in NYC and Ireland. She performs daily in clubs and shows in NYC. She’s also been featured in The Women in Comedy Festival, Asheville, Cape Fear, Kansas City Irish fest, New York City Festival, and tours with the Real Irish Comedy tour.

Katie is an Irish comedian living in Brooklyn. She performs daily all over NYC and has been seen regularly at New York Comedy Club, Stand Up NY, Eastville, and on shows in Caroline’s on Broadway, Greenwich, Creek, and the Cave, QED, and many other amazing clubs and shows. She runs a podcast The Shift where she and guests talk about sex and dating from an Irish perspective. She opened for Des Bishop in NYC (Comedy Cellar’s BFPC) and in Ireland (Vicar st and many other theaters). She runs a weekly show; Transplants Comedy Show every Friday at 7.30 pm at QED.

Generally, she talks extensively about her journey through American culture, dating, and shame! Follow on Instagram for weekly show details YAY.


Katie Boyle Upcoming NYC Schedule for Comedy Clubs


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