Katie Haller

Katie Haller is an NYC based stand-up comedian, content creator, and rapper known as T-Spoon. Her mom calls her “KT-Poo”, which explains a lot. She regularly performs at New York Comedy Club & Caroline’s On Broadway where she will be featured as part of the prestigious Breakout Artist series on October 9th.

As a rapper, T-Spoon is a comedic powerhouse that can best be described as “aggressively softcore”. She’s kind of like a hip-hop version of Weird-Al meets Lonely Island, combining parody, original music, and stand-up comedy in her set.

She has performed several times in the Women In Comedy Festival, Boston Comedy Arts Festival, and has had several viral music videos that have been written up on Huffington Post, Elite Daily, and Right This Minute. Her first original song, “Dog Mom Anthem” got over 55 million views on the BarkBox Facebook page and was one of the three viral songs she wrote listed in AdWeek’s 22 Most Engaging Pieces of Content in 2017. 

If you made it all the way down here, you should tote follow her on Twitter/Instagram at @halleratyou

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