Keith Chase

Keith Chase is a stand-up comedian and writer based in NYC since 2018. No one can figure out what the hell he’s so mad about, but it’s probably the fact that he can’t reach anything on the top shelf. He’s performed stand-up (pre-pandemic) at the Village Lantern, The Grisly Pear, Greenwich Village Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club and has been featured in the 2019 Meadowlands Comedy Festival. He’s also produced limited-run comedy shows in Brooklyn including Punchlines in the Park in McCarren Park, and Punday Mass at the Tiny Cupboard.

His pilot, Sink or Swim – co-written with friend Jake Spencer, was a Finalist in the 2019 Portland Comedy Film Festival and 2019 Houston Comedy Film Festival, Semifinalist in the 2019 NYC International Screenplay Awards, and received the accolade for “Best Scene Reading” in the 2019 Los Angeles Comedy Film & Screenplay Festival. When he’s not writing or performing, you can find him at amusement parks holding onto his friends’ bags by the exits of roller coasters, riding in the middle seat, and standing on his tippy-toes to order at Starbucks.

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