Ken Boyd

Ken Boyd’s parents, Sharon Gradney & Kenneth Boyd, had unprotected sex in January of 1985 to celebrate the new year. Nine months later (September 15) Ken was born.
He was a fan of basketball at a very early age but soon discovered that he possessed absolutely no athletic ability whatsoever. Fortunately for Ken, he had a knack for making people laugh. It would not take him long to find his way on a stage in front of a live audience.
Ken found himself in stage plays at his school and church at a very young age where he first fell in love with performing live.
He ironically frequented the role of comedic relief. Ken naturally assumed the title of class clown all throughout his years in grade school. At the tender age of 21, he questioned his comedic abilities and decided to put them to the ultimate test.
In 2007 Ken signed up for an open mic night at a local bar in Houston, TX. This experience was so tragic that it would deter young Ken from any and all stages for the next 2 years. This left a bitter taste in his mouth (pause). Feeling like he had something to prove, Ken would finally make a triumphant return at an open mic at the “Laff Stop Comedy Club” in 2009.
On that fateful night, Ken started down a path that would lead him to become a three-time finalist in the annual “Houston’s Funniest Person” contest and a regular at the stapled “Houston’s All-Stars of Comedy Show” at the Houston Improv. Ken also managed to gain the attention of comedy rock star Tony Rock whom he still tours with today.
Living in New York City now, he has made several appearances on the Wendy Williams Show and is a regular at the most premier comedy clubs such as Comic Strip Live and Stand Up New York.
Ken’s Quick-wittedness is surpassed only by his stage presence and ability to command the crowd.
He is a true conductor and will draw you in with his stories which he tells in the most charismatic fashion. With all his unique qualities and attributes, Ken is poised to become a very prominent comedian.

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