Kyle Ocasio

Kyle Ocasio has been dubbed “the reluctant wife and mother” by her comedic peers. She began her career in the arts as a professional ballet dancer training with the prestigious Cleveland/San Jose Ballet and Ballet Met. She moved to New York City in the early 1990’s but soon realized it was nothing like the Woody Allen movies. Her first apt was so tiny that her bed had to be in the kitchen and while on the toilet she could simultaneously fry an egg while doing her business.

Kyle soon dove into the world of acting where she was the member of “Urban Workshop” a sketch comedy troupe in Manhattan. By the late 1990’s she was the official host of the cult-followed cable show “Videowave” where she had her own segment with fellow comic Danielle Wynn called “DKNY”. She also was the co‐host on “Spic & Spanish” and appeared on MTV.

After the birth of her third child, she began to journal her experiences as a mother (usually back on the toilet because that’s the only place she could be alone) she realized that the chaos and insanity had to be shared on stage. Thus began her dive into the world of stand‐up comedy.

Since her first performance at The Comic Strip Live, Kyle has become a regular on the NY Comedy scene as well as numerous appearances at clubs and colleges across the country. She has been a frequent guest on’s “The Black and The Jew Comedy Hour” with Epstein and Hassan.

Kyle’s comedy is vulnerable and full of her life. Through her comedy, she expresses the frustration and confusion of everyday life that helps her connect with any audience. She also enjoys creating characters most notably the Psycho flight attendant from hell as well as characters inspired by her and Latino and Midwest family members.

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