Kyle Ploof

Kyle Ploof comedian

Kyle Ploof is a comedian from Boston who finds it weird and self-indulgent to write bio’s about himself in the third person.

I’m an aggressive guy from an aggressive city. I’m an honest person. I’m unhireable in everyday life. I hate hypocrites, but probably am one. I ask a lot of questions. Sometimes I’m high energy. Sometimes I’m low energy. Sometimes I’m happy. Sometimes I’m sad. I don’t have an on-stage “persona.” I’m not a wrestler– I’m a HUMAN BEING.

I have experiences with a variety people that I talk about in different places. Sometimes it makes those people angry. Sometimes it makes them happy. I don’t care. What’s most important to me is the laughter of strangers. (Healthy, right?)

Since my first awful set, I’ve done some things I never thought could happen. I got to tell jokes at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival, New York Comedy Expo, and the Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival. I also got to work with some people I only saw on TV including: Robert Kelly (Tourgasm), Jim Norton (Opie & Anthony) and Ben Bailey (Host of Cash Cab.)

People generally find me relatable and funny (except for Mobile, Alabama and Reno, Nevada– they say I speak too fast.) Seeing me live will help me move out of my Mom’s quicker. You don’t want me to be a loser forever, do you?Twittersmall Facebooksmall