Lauren Ashcraft


I have two goals in life:

1)To never lose my “little spark of madness” (RIP Robin Williams)

2)To not end up as the subject of a Forensic Files episode.

Let’s focus on the first goal for now. I am a comedian bold enough to have run for Congress, but organized enough to have held it down as a project manager on Wall Street. Need someone to “get it done?” I’m your gal.

Need to find the perfectly quirky way to tell your brand’s story? Call me. I’ll work on my second goal myself, thank you.

I have been telling stories since I could communicate, first as a child scribbling words on computer paper, and now as a writer and comedian and former Congressional candidate. This experience led to me being chosen to write copy for nonprofits, political candidates, and businesses wanting to tell the world about their brands. I treat every client as a unique opportunity with a unique story to tell, and I will love uncovering that story for you.

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