Lee Camp comedian

Lee Camp is perhaps best known for two things: his early support of the Occupy movement (he performed at over a dozen protests in the U.S. and Canada and was at OWS on day one) and his appearance on Fox News where he went off script during a live broadcast by calling the network “a parade of propaganda” and “a festival of ignorance.” Shockingly, he has not been invited back.

Lee has a popular Moment of Clarity web-series, and book. His edgy style has been compared to Bill Hicks and George Carlin by the Guardian and Time Out (as well as George’s daughter Kelly). He is an in-demand commentator and satirist who tours the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Moment of Clarity takes the palpable anger that is exploding around the world and turns it into something palatable yet toxically funny.. Lee’s work leaves the audience thinking and laughing as he tackles social and political issues with passion and authenticity. TwittersmallFacebooksmall