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Leif Skyving comedy

Born in Sweden, raised in L.A., Leif began his comedy career 20 years ago at the world famous Comedy Store in Hollywood CA, and has shared the stage with such great acts as Weird Al Yankovic, Howie Mandel, Paul Rodriquez, Steve Alan, and Jimmy “JJ” Walker among others.

On a “road gig” in Caldwell Idaho he met his wife to be and seeking his fortune moved from  Hollywood to Idaho, where even the potatoes are famous. Leif who started off in comedy as a carefree bachelor is now the proud father of two teen-agers, (and people ask where do you get your material?)

Leif still travels the United States and Canada making people laugh, with 20 years of comedy road behind him, Leif has a story for every group and demographic.

Leif has appeared on The Comedy Network’s Comedy at Club 54 and Comedy Kitchen, Last Comic Standing, ABC’s Three’s Company and General Hospital. Leif’s performances are played regularly on XM and Sirius satellite radio.

Major casino appearances include the Riviera and Bally’s in Las Vegas and Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. Leif’s corporate clients include: Coca Cola, ARCO Oil, BP Oil, Pioneer Newspapers, Idaho State Police, Idaho Association of Counties, and Teton Wireless Television Inc.

Leif has a vast wealth of background from which to draw upon for material from his roots in Sweden, to growing up in L.A. and getting his start in Hollywood, to hitting middle age, marriage and fatherhood all at the same time!

“When I was single I used to sit around and complain:  God all I ever do is sit around and watch T.V. by myself” says Leif:  “now I’m married with two kids, and God I wish I could just sit around and watch T.V. by myself”.

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