Lenny Marcus

A New York native, Lenny Marcus is one of those comedians that is instantly recognizable, even if you don’t recall why; whether you see him in person, on TV or hear his voice on the radio. With more than 15 years in comedy’s spotlight, Lenny has just about checked off all the boxes for a comedian. Whether it’s performing on “The Late Night Show with David Letterman”, or making fun of dim-witted criminals on Tru-TV’s “World’s Dumbest Criminals”, Lenny Marcus looks right at home and seems to be talking right to you.

Working with multiple New York ad agencies, Lenny Marcus has helped to promote MTV’s MTV Movie Awards, Wendy’s fast food restaurants and Marriott’s hotels in TV ads. While you’re driving around in your car, you might turn on the radio and hear Lenny Marcus doing a voice-over for Southern Bell Telephone or Priceline.com.

Rolling his comedy career into new adventures, Lenny Marcus wrote and directed “A Condom Moment”, which was featured in the PSNBC short-film festival. His by-lines include articles for DailyComedy.com, Life and Style Magazine and UsWeekly.

If you’d rather see his comedy in person versus one of his CD’s (like “You’re Getting a Zero”), you can scroll down and purchase tickets for Lenny’s next performance! You’ll often find him at The Comedy Cellar and Comic Strip Live NYC

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