Maddy Smith

Maddy Smith is an NYC-based stand-up comedian and writer. She regularly appears as both an MC and comic throughout the New York City and its surrounding region. She is a regular at New York Comedy Club Midtown & East Village.

Maddy has performed at the Rochester Fringe Festival and Hoboken Comedy Festival, was a finalist in both the Finger Lakes Comedy Festival (Ithaca) and the Stand Up NY Festival (Manhattan), and a semi-finalist in the New York Comedy Club competition.

In 2017 Maddy took up roasting — she won first place in the “You Look Like” roast battle competition at the Memphis Comedy Festival is now ranked #3 at The Stand Comedy Club (NYC) weekly RoastMasters show after taking second place in the 2018 winter tournament.

Maddy’s writing has appeared in McSweeney’s along with her own website, The Amusing, and of course her wildly successful YouTube-based web series NYC Pads.

Maddy Smith, Upcoming NYC Comedy Clubs Shows Schedules

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