Manuel Ángel Redondo

Manuel Ángel Redondo is a Venezuelan announcer and comedian . After working at the radio station La Mega for more than ten years until being taken off the air by the National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel). Manuel Ángel began to develop online projects, including “But we have a homeland”, “We’re almost leaving” and the documentary “Living to a minimum.” He currently produces the Web Show “Entregrados”.

Manuel Ángel repeatedly attended the New Bands Festival , which helps him start his career in radio, specifically the La Mega station , where he began as a producer of the program “Fabricado Acá” and worked for more than ten years in spaces such as “Rock en Ñ ​​”,” El Ruido “,” Tres contra el mundo “and” Galanes de Radio “, the latter with Rodrigo Lasarte. At the beginning of 2018, after the death of Iván Loscher in 2017, he became the voice-over of the station. In July 2018, the National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) opened an administrative sanctioning procedure against the station,when emitting “comments not allowed in supervised hours” in the program Galanes de Radio. This resulted in the program leaving the air and Manuel Ángel’s decision to abandon live radio programming.

Since then, Manuel Ángel has developed a series of online projects, including “But We Have Homeland”, “Entregrados”, “We’re Almost We’re Going” and the documentary “Living to the Minimum”, in which he kept on a minimum wage in Venezuela for a week, as well as stand-up comedies such as “En Schedule Supervisado” and “Starting from Zero”. The latter stand-up has taken him to several cities in Latin America, USA and Spain.

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