Mark DeMayo, born in New York City with the first name Mayobanex, has found ways to get laughs using the autobiographical material. He dishes about everything from how his parents met a problem he has with his daughter’s hip-hop lessons.

From his days at prep school to break dancing and acting classes, DeMayo, 42, has played many roles. He finally made his television acting debut as a guest star on a show titled “Della Ventura” on CBS. From there, he got steady work on the daytime soap, “As the World Turns.”

He also has been on morning radio in New York City, has performed on Showtime’s “White Boyz In Da Hood,” and in the Laffapalooza Comedy Festival. The suggestion to do improv theater came from an acting teacher, and DeMayo took it seriously. Stand-up soon followed.

“The thought of doing stand-up comedy scared the crap out of me,” he said. “So I knew that I had to try it.”Twittersmall

Kenny Ortega, Mark DeMayo, Osei Caleb, Ruperto Vanderpool, Tom Delgado
Jun 28
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Francisco Aldorando, Jonathan Randall, Kenny Ortega, Mark DeMayo, Tom Delgado
Jun 28
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Cory Jarvis, Kenny Ortega, Mark DeMayo, Osei Caleb, Tom Delgado
Jun 28
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Jun 28
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CHRIS JAMES, Jonathan Randall, Mark DeMayo, Ruperto Vanderpool, Tom Delgado
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