Marq Overton

Marq Overton is a professional comedian that prides himself on Great Rapport, Originality, Creativity and Laugh out loud humor. Off stage he is a caring, giving, nice guy, he is the nice guy who finishes last. On stage his alter-ego takes over as he talks about saving money in relationships and conning women into his arms. You’ll often hear Marq say I’m not cheap, I’m Financially Savvy. That’s just his way of describing a cheap gesture that he passed off as romantic. Audiences of all ages love Marq’s humor and unique point of view. Marq has been quietly making a name for himself on the Comedy circuit. Marq has also written for Spike TV, The Big Head People pilot and has written an Off Broadway Play, Die Laughing, One Man’s Story of Ignorance Awareness & Redemption that has been staged several times. He’s a comedian to look out for and he’s great for all occasions.

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