Marshall Chiles comedian

Marshall Chiles is a self-proclaimed recovering dickhead… but this kind of self-honesty is what helps him be a growing comedian. Based out of Atlanta, Marshall performs as all over the world while frequenting top New York & Los Angeles comedy clubs. He recently completed a theater tour in South Africa where he ended up in a cage with a lion… not on stage, but still worth sharing at this point.

Marshall’s comedy objective is to have fun and make each show unique by “just being” on stage. His shows are crowd friendly while discussing true-life experiences, current events, and a unique view on the world. Marshall’s objective is to be love, be peace and be funny! Before going on stage, he focuses on bringing a big ball of white light filled with love to the audience. Coming to the stage with this mentality allows Marshall to discuss everything with honesty and empathy… and that includes the touchy subjects like religion and politics.

Some of his comedy career highlights are performing as the opening act for the “Comedy Central Live” tour featuring Mitch Hedberg, Lewis Black, and Dave Attell, and making it to the second round of auditions for NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” – 2003 Atlanta and 2004 New York City. In January 2005 he won the contest where the shows were for Christian comedy… which meant he had to be squeaky-clean. Always one to rise to a challenge, especially if there is money involved, he put together his clean stuff and won $500 for his wife to spend. The latest career goal reached by Marshall is performing at The Fox Theater in Atlanta, GA.Twittersmall