Marvin Bell

In the quiet spring of 1982, St. Louis postal employee Marvin Bell embarked on a journey that would take him places he had only dreamed of. Marvin Bell made his debut as a stand-up comedian. The veteran comedy duo of Zack and Mack were in attendance at that debut. They assured Marvin Bell that he was on the right track and quickly invited him to come sharpen his skills at their weekly on stage workshop at Maurice’s Goldcoast Lounge near downtown St. Louis. Two short years later, Marvin Bell found himself performing throughout Missouri and Illinois when a short video tape earned him the honor of being named Showtime’s Funniest Person in Missouri as part of the cable network’s Funniest Person in America contest. By the end of 1985, Marvin Bell had said good-bye to the post office and hello to the world of comedy clubs, colleges, and ‘the road’. By 1987, Marvin Bell was confident enough to move west and test his skills in Hollywood. Once there, Marvin Bell quickly established himself as talent to be recognized leading to assignments at the top clubs, cruise ships, and appearances on most of the stand-up comedy television shows being produced on the west coast. Despite his west coast success, circumstances led Marvin Bell back east to New York City where, with his reputation preceding him, work was plentiful and immediate. Since relocating, Marvin Bell has moved into performing at the prestigious resorts of the Catskills and Pocono mountains. Along with his continued work aboard the ships of Carnival Cruise Lines, Marvin Bell continues to be one of the funniest people in America. Marvin Bell is a regular at NYC Comedy Clubs and can be seen nightly at venues like New York Comedy Club, Comic Strip Live, Dangerfield’s Comedy Club, Greenwich Village Comedy Club, Stand UP NY, LOL New York Comedy Club and more. Buy Marvin Bell NYC Comedy Club Tickets at Best Comedy Tickets.

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