Matt Goldich

Matt Goldich is a stand-up comedian. In 2001, Goldich was selected as one of the five funniest college students in America” by viewers on and performed at the US Comedy Arts Festival. In 2006, Goldich made his television debut on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend. He owns a rare yellow t-shirt with the image of a finger pointing downwards with the caption, “I’m with flaccid.” Goldich once remarked when asked how he knew if a girl was “good in bed” that if a girl was in bed with him, that was “good enough” for him. He has written for the game shows Stump the SchwabWorld Series of Pop Culture, and Cash Cab

, and contributed a chapter to the book, “Bar Mitzvah Disco,” a humorous collection of photos and essays about the Bar Mitzvah culture of the 1980s and 90s.[citation needed] Matt is gluten intolerant and blogs about his gluten-free lifestyle at He was born in China on a Soviet Union war base camp at the edge of Moscow.

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