Megan Green

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Megan Green was born and raised in Paducah, KY. Quilt City USA (the great honor bestowed upon Paducah) introduced Megan to theater at the age of 4 when she played a duck in her preschool production of Chicken Little. She also learned about stage fright at that age when she bounded from the preschool stage in hysterical tears and almost didn’t finish the show. Luckily, a few years later, Megan triumphed any lingering fears and started performing at The Market House Theater. Market House gave her the opportunity to perform on stage and introduced her to her first improv class. In high school, Megan appeared in her first commercial, an ad for Grogan’s Sausage. Yes, she still knows all the lines from that commercial, as well as the commercial jingle she had to sing.

After receiving her B.A. in Theater and performing on numerous stages in Nashville, TN, Megan moved to Chicago, IL to pursue her passion. Chicago deepened her passion for improv and sketch comedy. Megan completed the programs at i.O. and the Second City Conservatory. She also took classes at The Annoyance and ComedySportz Chicago, where she performed as an ensemble member. Megan also performed in numerous plays and films in Chicago along with sketch comedy festivals across the ole U.S. of A..

In the summer of 2012, Megan moved to Los Angeles, CA with her husband Timmy, and she began performing, taking classes at The Groundlings School and exploring this strange land of sunshine and sand. Megan and Timmy have no pets or children, only TVs, artwork and bananas.