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Mike & Chris are a longform duo that perform together when conditions are right. The pair have nearly 20 years of improvisation experience between the two of them, and have been performing together since 2010. Chris George is an improviser and chemist. He has been improvising since 2003, and has had the honor of being in two Stage Monkey troupes, studying at the iO (formerly improv Olympic) in Chicago and the National Comedy Theatre (NCT) in San Diego, and founding his own Stage Monkey troupe in SoCal. When not trying to be funny, he can found doing drug chemistry with the Navy. Mike McFarland has been teaching and performing improv professionally for over a decade, and is proud to be a member of the San Diego improv community. He has directed multiple long-running shows at The National Comedy Theatre, San Diego, including The Midnight Show and The Collective. He currently produces San Diego’s original improv showcase, Sidestage Improv.