Molly Densmore

Molly Densmore is an NYC-based actress and comedian, hailing from Woodstock, NY. She has done standup all over NYC, as well as in LA and Dublin. Molly has performed Off-Broadway, on TV and film, and in national and international commercials.

Her standup has been described as “dirty vaudeville” (which she knows is literally what burlesque was… sorry, there’s no burlesque in her act but she still loves the description and will be happy to incorporate it if it’ll sell more tickets.) Molly will be headlining and otherwise performing at in-person, indoor venues like Broadway Comedy Club and the Stand starting in late April.

She’s also in a movie called ‘Rizo’ that will be streaming on HBO by April 22nd. Check her out, what don’t ya?? More info can be found at


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