Molly Kornfeld

Molly Kornfeld is an up and coming NYC based comedian! The daughter of two comics, she is following in their footsteps to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

Molly’s comedy revolves around her dating life (ugh men, am I right?), her family (her dad is gay! How unique!), and her everyday experiences as a woman (the struggle is VERY real).

Although she has only been doing comedy for 3 years, Molly has been featured in the following comedy festivals:

  • Boston Comedy Festival
  • Women in Comedy Festival
  • Devil’s Cup Comedy Festival (finalist)
  • She-Devil Comedy Festival (semi-finalist)
  • Hoboken Comedy Festival
  • Cinderblock Comedy Festival
  • Ladies of Laughter

IN SUMMARY, Molly is just a girl out here following her dreams, so please book here, she needs stage time.

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