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Musical Mysteries & More is a professional mystery theater company that performs at restaurants, hotels, country clubs and private parties throughout Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania.

Owners and operators, Joe and Michelle Cannito have been members of the Pittsburgh theater community and improvisational scene for over 20 years.  Each has performed in, produced, written, managed and/or directed a number of touring, local and improvisational shows including: Tony and Tina’s Wedding, Saltworks Theater Company, Flanagan’s Wake, Sight and Sound Theater, Joey and Maria’s Comedy Italian Wedding, as well as numerous musicals, music reviews, comedies and mystery shows.  Likewise, they have entertained around the country, overseas and onboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

Providing fully scripted comedy mystery shows with a more family friendly atmosphere (PG-13 rated), Musical Mysteries & Morehas distinguished itself with a tight-knit ensemble of professional actors and a focus on audience interaction.  Because of this, no two shows are exactly alike, creating a truly unique experience. And with 20 different shows available, they have a wide range of themes, most of which involve some hilarious song parodies – hence the name Musical Mysteries.  But music or not, you’ll be entertained right up to the climactic moment when you get to figure out “whodunnit”!!
Put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and be prepared for the unexpected.  You may even be called upon to play a small part in the action.


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