Nicky Paris

Ever since he was a little boy, Nicky Paris knew it was his destiny to dazzle huge crowds and evoke roaring waves of laughter, applause and love from the masses with his unique perspective of the world around him. Born and raised on Staten Island, growing up in this distinctive borough of New York City was the perfect training ground for Stand-up Comedy.

Paris started stand up at seventeen years old and although a college student by day, when the sun went down, he was moonlighting in some of New York City’s most infamous comedy clubs wowing audiences night after night with his incomparable wit, humor and irresistible charm. He has become a regular fixture on the comedy scene in New York City, performing nightly at Broadway Comedy Club, Greenwich Village Comedy Club, Caroline’s on Broadway and Gladys’ at the Comic Strip Live.

“Nicky Paris is the next big thing when it comes to comedy. He is without question one of the funniest comedians New York is ever seen. He is incredible. He is eloquent, poised, has great presence and remarkably fresh material.” writes the Times Square Chronicles in a recent write up, “I can honestly say when your humor transcends who you are as a caste, social or physical distinction of any kind then you are truly talented with an “IT” factor and Mr. Paris has that intangible to an exponential degree.”

Nicky’s standout and electrifying performances quickly caught the eye of the industry and he was asked to join the The Wendy Williams Show as an on-air talent using his sharp wit, humor and love for juicy celebrity gossip for Wendy’s #StreetTalk segments and he quickly became a regular for the segment on the hit talk show. Soon after, Elite Daily tapped Paris to become a cast member on their hit web show Gen Why?! where he represents his generation of millenials and the Voice of Generation Y for three seasons and counting along with some of the biggest internet personalities on the planet.

Wether on stage, television, appearing in comedy club or online though his enormous social media following, Paris has proven time and again he has what it takes to become as huge star. Once the far off childhood dream of becoming a superstar now has become his destiny.

Nicky Paris Upcoming Comedy Shows in NYC

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