Onika McLean

Onika D. McLean is the President and founder of Lexington Development Group LLC (LDG) which is a for profit corporation doing business in New York City dedicated to the advancement of the small business owner and bolstering of the community. The way Lexington Development Group assists the small business owner and the community is by providing coaching, marketing strategies, networking events and connecting seasoned professionals with the owners to foster an environment of growth. In 2013 LDG sponsored 3 events: “Politics in the City”, “Incorporated Cocktails”, and “Broadway Lights” all of which were huge successes bringing together people from different walks of life with the common goal of networking.

Onika has been a legal professional for the last twenty years, she has advanced her career through networking and education. Currently she is a manager and legal advisor at a 800 attorney international law firm, operating in its New York office.

On a lighter note, Onika has been featured numerous times on Bravo’s hit tv show “The Singles Project” showcasing her budding personality as advisor and friend. These two roles come naturally for Onika because her warm heart and enthusiasm is infectious and has widen her network tremendously.

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