Pandji Pragiwaksono

Pandji Pragiwaksono Wongsoyudo is an Indonesian stand-up comedian, actor, radio broadcaster, television presenter, book writer, and rap singer. He started his career as a comedian in 2010, beginning with the Twivate Concert Pertama in April.

On 28 December 2011, he produced his own comedy show at the Usmar Ismail Theater, Bhinneka Tunggal Tawa. He appeared in two shows opening for comedians Ernest Prakasa, Sam D. Putra, and Luqman Baihaqi. Pandji was also the originator of the idea of a competition Stand Up Comedy Indonesia (SUCI) on Kompas TV. After Kompas TV found his comedy videos on YouTube, Kompas TV invited him to be the host of the competition.

On 8 December, he held a special performance under the name INDONESIA: (read: Indonesia colon), a combination of hip hop concerts, stand-up comedy, the launch of the book Berani Mengubah, and the launch of his fourth album, Album 32.

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