Phill Hunt

Phill Hunt Comedian

Phill Hunt does not know much but one thing is for sure he can make people laugh. His comedy career began shortly after getting his first full-time job working for THE MAN and realizing he did not want to conform to the normal rules of society heĀ  then made his way to the stage. On stage audiences appreciate his energetic and on point observations of his life and the world around him. He has since discovered working is against his religion and decided to become a full time comedian.He was selected to perform at the Detroit Comedy Festival in 2011 and was also featured on Comcasts Whos Laughing Now tv show. He has mced for Mortys Comedy Club in Indy and is featuring in rooms across the states. He recently moved to NYC and is working his way up the ranks there. He can be seen at The Comic Strip and The Laughing Devil in NYC.

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