Quentin Heggs

On July 26, 2000, Quentin “Q” Heggs was honored by Regis Philbin at ABC on live with Regis and Kathie Lee… it doesn’t get any better than this, folks… Mr. Philbin introduced Quentin “Q” Heggs to 30 million people with these words…

“In the audience today is a gentleman who is our warm-up man on the millionaire show and believes me because the show is on tape, there are many stop-downs and this guy goes out every time and knocks people dead. I swear to you, one day he will be the next Eddie Murphy … “Q “, stand up and take a bow… here he is … Quentin “Q” Heggs”

With the class equaled to that of only Johnny Carson, Mr. Philbin made his prediction for Quentin’s future on one of the highest rated mornings in “live”‘s 15-year history. this was the second to last day America would see Regis & Kathie Lee, side by side. now that’s an endorsement worth at least a million !!!

Since that time, “Q” has become a veteran tv studio audience warm-up comedian, having worked on over a dozen television shows (including 4 years with “who wants to be a millionaire”; 2 years with “tough crowd with Colin Quinn”; 3 seasons with stump the Schwab; 2 seasons with “Issac”; and various other productions for the game show network, ESPN, Comedy Central, ABC, and HBO!) he is always in high demand.

Born in New York City, Quentin Heggs is a rising star, making a name for himself on the national comedy club circuit. he has been the opening act for Regis Philbin (at Foxwoods casino), Boyz II Men (at Caesar’s Pocono resorts), and other star comedy headliners across the country (including Tommy Davidson, Rosie O’Donnell, Tim Allen, and Ray Romano.) “I made a promise to my late father that I would make our family name famous,” Quentin reflects. and he’s keeping that promise with grace, style, and class. His is a “star quality” that radiates from within.

A master also of dialects and facial expressions, Quentin is brilliantly funny, charismatic and handsome…and that’s not just his momma talking! Already having appeared in national commercials for Subway, Ford Trucks, Verizon, Hasbro, at&t and Burger King, obviously “the scouts” agree.

Packing his charm and phenomenal range of talents, Quentin “Q” Heggs is definitely on the move heading straight for motion pictures, television and concert appearances. You might say he’s “right on Q”… (and, as Regis predicts) . . destined for stardom!

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