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If you haven’t seen Raymond The Amish Comic’s show before, do not expect an hour of farming jokes. Raymond rants about technology, covering everything from Iphones to Netflix as well as giving you his take on the Amish Mafia and Breaking Amish. A ranter and a storyteller featuring a lot of bad words.

This ain’t gonna be no prayer meeting (show contains adult language)

Raymond The Amish Comic was part of the workshop production of Sony Entertainments recreation of The Gong Show Live. Amish Comic was buzzed off Season Five of America’s Got Talent in an unprecedented five seconds. He’s appeared on MTV’s 7-Up and out, Comedy Central and a handful of television commercials. He plays skeptical Amishmen #87 in the Tim Allen film “For Richer For Poorer.” and received $25 extra dollars a day during filming for having his own beard. He has appeared live on stage with Ian Anderson as part of the “Rubbing Elbows with Ian Anderson tour.”

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