Reggie Edwards


Reggie Edwards is a rapper and stand up comedian in the St. Louis scene. He’s a regular host at the St. Louis Funny Bone, where he just won their 2016 Comedy Contest.

Your Name
Reggie Edwards

How long have you performed stand up?
I’ve been doing comedy for 3 years

Who are your biggest comedic influences?
My biggest comedy influences are Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, and a little bit of Katt Williams.

Describe your worst moment on stage.
Worst time on stage? I’ll say it was at the Ambassador. when I was like 5 months in they had a comedy competition with two rounds. The first round was seven minutes,  which I managed to advance with barely enough material and a wrestling leotard I decided to wear (I thought that was comedy back then.  Don’t judge me.  Also, it kind of is. So, shut up.) By the time the second round came, I was out of material and leotards. S0, I was on stage struggling to make them laugh and then I just heard a “Boo!!” from the first row and I just disappeared and woke up in the hospital. The doctor said he don’t know how I survived.

But I didn’t let it discourage me.  I kept going, kept practicing, and came and did the same competition the following year.  I got first place with no leotard.

Describe your best moment on stage.
I would say my best on stage performance was probably in Texas at the Arlington Improv.

I went out there with my dude Princeton Dew, who was putting on a lot of shows in and out town. Boy did I jam. I was having fun the whole time and did a solid 10-minute set. It felt like I could travel anywhere with my material and make people laugh. It really made me feel like a RawGawd when four months after the Texas show I did a show in St. Louis at the Lux and someone stop and said “Aye man, You performed in Texas? ” and I was like, “Yeah!”  He said, “Yeah,  I remember you.”  That made me feel like a Nephlim Warlock (special).

What do you like best about the St. Louis Comedy Scene?
What I like about the St. Louis Comedy Scene is that St. Louis has no easy crowds. It forces you to work and earn those laughs, which makes it easier for us to travel and make other cities laugh. Because, with St. Louis Crowds you  damn near have to set yourself on fire to get even a chuckle.

You have 30 seconds to convince someone that live comedy is better than staying home and watching Netflix. What do you say?
You’re sitting on the couch and you’re watching Netflix. Your life is passing you by. You keep procrastinating over and over. “Well,  maybe I’ll go to a comedy show next year. Or maybe the year after.”

No, do it right now! We’ll work with you after work, or you can go before work. You can do whatever you need to do to laugh. Go talk to somebody right now. They’re out to help you. You spend all day on the phone anyhow!  Why not make a call that’s going to help you in the future? All you gotta do is pick up the phone and call your friends to meet up at a comedy show. Why are you making it complicated? It’s easy. Support live comedy.

Rank the following based on your ability to beat them in a fight. Candyman, Freddy Krueger, The Girl From The Ring, Chucky
Freddy Krueger will never kill me because I don’t sleep, and I’m immune to ugly ass sweaters. The girl from The Ring might put up a fight once she gets pissed off  that I don’t know who she is.

Whats Candyman to a rapper (wrapper)?  “Bars.” Y’all sleep.

Chucky is my friend to the en………………..

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