Rob Little


Twitter: @roblittlecomic




Rob Little’s outlook on life can be summed-up in two words:
Pure Optimism. At a young age, he developed and nurtured
an upbeat philosophy about life.  In a recent interview he
revealed, “In elementary school, kids would always pull
food away from me at lunchtime saying mean, hurtful
things like… ‘Let go of my sandwich!'”


Fortunately, Rob’s ability to see things in a positive light,
coupled with his desire to make people laugh, has served
him well.  While working in a lucrative position as a
computer programmer for IBM, he decided to take a huge risk. The Detroit-born comic sent out an ALL-company e-mail that read, “If you aren’t happy here, quit your job and follow your dream.” IBM promptly gave him his walking papers, but getting fired was a blessing for Rob and comedy lovers nationwide.  He now enjoys an incredibly successful career as a stand-up comedian and with an impressive and growing portfolio of television and film appearances, he is quickly earning national recognition.